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About the Cities for North America Initiative

Mexico, Canada and the United States, have had strong ties for a long time. There is an important Mexican diaspora living in the United States, but also large communities of Americans and Canadians who have chosen Mexico as their second home. Besides this, we’ve been commercial partners for almost 25 years with the NAFTA initiative which has now entered in a new stage.

On the other hand we now live in what, for many, is the “era of the cities”. Affected by the globalization forces such as climate change, economic crises and transnational crime among others; a new type of urban governance is arising and cities are taking the leadership to address these global challenges in collaboration with other peers.

C4NA is an independent initiative aimed to foster regional integration by promoting collaboration among cities and towns of Mexico, Canada and the United States. It was created to become a hub for North American urban leaders to share experiences and best practices as an effort to enhance life in our towns and great metropolises.

North American key urban players from local governments functionaries, think tanks researchers, civil society leaders, entrepreneurs and academia members, are invited to join the network and become community leaders by participating actively in any of this initiative’s features:

Urban Leaders Network

A social network to find peers with similar interests, create partnerships or simply post news about your city.

Inspiring Talks

Live and online virtual conferences and discussion panels focused on different urban life subjects, and featuring a wide pool of subject matter experts.

C2C Matchmaking Meetings

Periodical events to foster city-to-city partnerships aimed to join efforts in addressing different issues and common challenges.

Themed Networks

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